Financial Organization

Juggle multiple finances effortlessly! Manage separate cashbooks for personal, business, travel, or any other category you need.

Effortless Tracking

Simplify record-keeping with dedicated cashbooks. No more mixing personal and business transactions, keeping your finances organized and transparent.

Easy Access

Effortlessly switch between cashbooks on the go. Access the information you need quickly, whenever you need it.

Full Visibility

Gain a holistic view of your finances. Track income and expenses for each cashbook independently, allowing you to make informed financial decisions across different aspects of your life.

Who Are We

About Bizkash.

In the fast-paced world we live in, managing finances can often feel overwhelming. Juggling receipts, spreadsheets, and forgotten expenses can leave you feeling lost in a sea of numbers. Here at Bizkash, we believe everyone deserves to feel empowered about their finances. That’s why we created a user-friendly Bizkash designed to simplify money management and make financial awareness accessible to all.

Take control of your finances today! Download our Bizkash app and experience the power of effortless financial management. Join a community of individuals who are committed to achieving their financial goals.
This extended version builds upon the core message while incorporating specific features and benefits. It also highlights the app as a partner in your financial journey, not just a recording tool.

Our Bizkash App

How It Works.

Everything is categorized and easy to find, eliminating the need to search for lost receipts.

Step by Step

1. Create a Free Account

Account creation with your preferred options like email, or social login.

2. Create a Book

Give a favourite name to your book to get things started.

3. That’s it!

You are ready to keep track your expenses.

Step by Step

1. Choose a book

Select a book that you would like to add records.

2. Record your transactions

Click on ‘+’ icons to start your recording.

3. Key in your expenses

Input transaction details to record your daily expenses.

4. Transaction Created!

Click on ‘Add Transaction’ and your record is ready to go.

Step by Step

1. Check out your spending trend

Go to the ‘Analytics’ section. It will show your current month's expenses.

2. View your spending habit

Change to pie chart to check out spending category.

3. Zoom in spending

Choose your category that you would like to see more details in spending.

Upcoming Services

Empowering you with even more control.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Boost collaboration and accountability! Track team expenses centrally, facilitate easy reimbursement processes, and improve team financial transparency.

Data Export & Integration

Export your financial data seamlessly for further analysis or integration with accounting software.

Compliance & Audit Support

Maintain accurate financial records for tax and compliance purposes. The app simplifies expense record-keeping and eases the audit process.

Receipt Management

Go paperless! Scan receipts directly into the app to eliminate clutter and simplify record-keeping.

Get Our App

Get started with
Bizkash App.

Ditch the spreadsheets and messy receipts! Our app keeps your financial transactions organized for effortless record-keeping.

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